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Fatherhood Dreams

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What do you think about the film?

Meredith: I just finished drying my eyes after watching Fatherhood Dreams. My emotions were frustration for what these couples have/are going through, joy at watching them with their children, and happiness listening to the 4 year old talk of how her much she is loved and treasured. I picked the DVD up from my library, here in Nanaimo, not knowing that this was a local production, but it come up in my search for books regarding surrogacy. I am currently matched for my second journey, and this time I am carrying for 2 fathers in Ontario, so it instantly was something I wanted to see. I have shared the title with my Surrogate Support groups, highly suggesting they watch it, as many of us carry for Intended Fathers, whether partnered or single. I was VERY impressed with how the surrogate in the film presented herself and Surrogacy, as there has been negative/incorrect reports done on Surrogacy. I hope that Jack's parents have connected with other fathers in their community, and I wish all the parents the best!

Melissa: I recently watched the documentary on Knowledge Network recently and cried through most of it. It was so beautiful and my heart ached for the fathers that were so frustrated with the lack of connection with others in similar situations. I work as a post-partum doula for families starting out and I know from personal experience and from those I families I work with that isolation is such a horrible thing to face. I see the Meet Up group the one couple in the greater Vancouver area were trying to create is no longer operating. I hope that means they found better ways to find others but just in case everyone should know that Vancouver is not that bereft of gay families.. even gay dads. Check out http://www.queerfamilies.ca/

Owen: I just watched this film on PBS... how cool! I wish Randy and Drew were my dads.... The film was very well-made and definitely showed a lot of different perspectives. It didn't try to foist one viewpoint or another, just showed the facts. If it had been during primetime and more people watched it (instead of 10 PM on a Friday), maybe some minds would have been changed. It's very interesting that Jack's parents and Jasmine's parents worry about what kind of peer environment their kids will have. All three of these families seems so isolated - are there so few gay families in Canada? Living in NYC I'm surrounded, thankfully. Most of my friends are gay, and both of my parents' churches have more kids of gay parents than of straight parents.
I wonder whether "gay parenting" will be in my future. This film makes it seem very scary. I guess I'll never leave NY. If I get a copy of this film, I might show it to my GSA. What do you think about that? Do you think it's valuable to educate queer/allied teens about possibilities for their futures?


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