The Story

As the camera follows four fathers - Steve, Scott, Randy and Drew - the rewards they enjoy becoming and being dads are revealed. But the challenges are enormous and the sacrifices often seem overwhelming. Society has so many questions. Will the children raised by gay fathers feel isolated? Different? Unhappy? Bullied? Will they 'turn' gay?

I've never met another man who is doing what I'm doing and that's been the most difficult thing.

- Scott, a single gay man, on pursuing fatherhood through surrogacy

Gay men who want to have and raise children are "a minority within a minority". On one hand, "family values" organizations routinely condemn gay people, and especially gay men, as a threat to families, morality and society in general; on the other hand, gay fathers often feel as though they are excluded from the larger community of gay men.

Having children has probably kept me single. Gay male culture, at least in Canada, is not suited for men with children.

- Steve, the father of two by co-parenting

How much more do you have to want a child to put yourself out there as a gay couple? How much more incentive and drive does there have to be knowing what people will say?... You have to want it pretty bad.

- about Randy & Drew, adoptive parents

Despite the fact that Canada is one of only five countries in the world where same-sex marriage and heterosexual marriage are recognized as equal by legislation, and although adoption rules are similar for all Canadians, gay men pursuing this avenue find that it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Other options are even more difficult.

I don't ever want to purposefully break the law, but when I think things are wrong, are morally wrong, and don't align, and things exist on paper, I'm willing to actually move the boundaries if I have to. I will father a child, I will become a dad, and I will maybe make a change in the world because people will see that somebody has done it.

- Scott

Is a gay man any different as a father than a straight man? The answer lies in getting to know gay fathers and their children. Since prejudice is fuelled by ignorance and a fear of the unknown, Steve, Scott, Randy and Drew decided to allow the camera into their lives.

Story One

Meet Randy and Drew, a gay married couple who are raising an adopted baby boy.

Story Two

Meet Stephen, who co-parents two daughters with a lesbian couple.

Story Three

Meet Scott, a single gay man, as he prepares to welcome his twin children into the world through surrogacy.

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